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Casey Wheat


Co-Founder  –  The Peoples Champ

It’s hard for all us to imagine our lives without Casey. He touched each and every one of us in his own special way. Casey was a connector and his friendships ran deep and wide. Those of us fortunate enough to have spent time with him will always share that special bond. When blessed with his presence there was always a feeling that hit you deep inside your heart and soul.

I think we can all agree Casey was one of a kind and bigger than life. His smile. His style, in and out of the water was effortless and confident. His deep love and connection with music. Always dancing to the beat of his own drum. His wisdom and knowledge of the world and love for culture. His compassion for everyone. His mad fashion was next level. Only Casey could rock plaid pants, pink Adidas, a satin bomber jacket and his signature hat … tilted just his way. His walk and swagger could be spotted a block away. His signature whistle always got you pumped when hearing it in the line-up on an epic day. His wit and humor. His passion for surfing. Teaching kids and people from all over the world how to surf. That genuine connection he made with everyone that crossed his path. No one made you feel more loved. Even meeting someone for the first time he radiated energy that felt as if he knew them a lifetime. He had an aura about him that was angelic and powerful. Everyone was family.

His passion for life will carry on through all our beautiful memories we each share of him. The days ahead will feel empty and challenging for us all, but deep down we all know Casey will be by our side and he would want us to keep our heads up, always be positive, and love each other. God Bless ~ Scooter

– Forever Wheatie

Casey Bauer Wheat
Oct 13 1970 / May 28 2020


It was all a dream

It started with a t-shirt. Three childhood friends – Casey Wheat,  Ziggy Williams, and Chris Moreno – started a clothing company,  SPORT OF KINGS,  from a one-car garage in Huntington Beach, then created the shirt emblazoned with the words, “West Coast Board Riders.” A sartorial calling card, of sorts, for surfers hailing from the left coast.

In America, a  Coalition of Surf Clubs already exists, but it’s nothing like the hardcore, hyper-competitive,  Aussie brand of surf coalitions.  And in the past, a previous incarnation of Board Riders developed in California – a handful of informal clubs, in some cases considered “gangs,” existed in the ‘80s – but they fizzled into obscurity. That is, until now: the second-coming of the West Coast Board Riders Club.

“We knew that if we start ours, all we have to do is tap the egos of other towns,” said Wheat. “And it all happened so quick.  It went from Huntington and Seal, to six clubs all like that.”

That mix of cotton and silkscreened ink became the seed for a movement spanning across Southern California, throughout the Golden State, and now growing nationwide.

"It was all a dream"